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Intact Smart


Think of all the applications needed for effective document management. Scanning software, barcode printing, auditing software, database management, copier integration, file cabinets, etc. Intact SMART has it all. With version control, inter-application connectivity, instant searching and a feature list that goes on and on, Intact SMART makes you look intelligent just by using it.

When a document is in Intact SMART, managing the distribution, approval and lifecycle of your paperwork instantly becomes more efficient. You won't be waiting on manila envelopes to make their way back to your desk or worry about finding the right copy with the appropriate approval. With Intact SMART, you always know the "who, what, when and where" of your documents.

BARCODE LABELS AND COVER PAGES - Intact SMART can generate bar-coded coversheets or SMART labels that save paper. Scanning can be done all at one time and the barcodes ensure pages will end up correctly filed and attached to the exact document where it belongs.

DATABASE LOOKUP & AUTO INDEXING - It's easy to eliminate redundant data entry with on-the-fly database lookup from any industry standard database or line of business application during indexing.

INZONE - Let Intact SMART automatically determine the document type and read the index values right from the page. The zones can be intelligently defined using extensive logic to ensure you get just the information you are looking for, whether it is a company name, invoice number or due date. Once the information is identified on the page, it can even pull the rest of the index values from a business application like accounting, EMR, spreadsheets or databases automatically.

HOT FOLDERS - By scanning documents into a "hot folder" that Intact SMART will monitor, users and quickly scan while choosing to index the documents at a later time.

PORTFOLIO MANAGER - Doing business requires collecting multiple documents at one time. Intact SMART's Portfolio Manager will index an entire group of documents. Whether it's documents, patient charts, loan packets, or real estate closings, Intact SMART can group, index and file them all in one step.

KEY FROM IMAGE - Intact SMART's Key From Image uses a split screen view which allows for users to efficiently attribute documents while viewing the scanned image at your convenience.

DOCUMENT RECOGNITION - OCR (Convert image to searchable text) selectively or entirely based on the document type at the point of scan or batch.

When a document is in Intact SMART, managing the distribution, approval and lifecycle of your paperwork instantly becomes more efficient. You won't be waiting on manila envelopes to make their way back to your desk or worry about finding the right copy with the appropriate approval. With Intact SMART, you always know the "who, what, when and where" of your documents.

UNLIMITED INDEX ABILITY - Classify any number of document types. With each document type, add as many index values as needed. Define any index field as text, numeric or date. Choose from drop down lists and require validation if necessary.

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT - Checking out a document ensures others still have quick access to that document but cannot modify your important changes while it is in your possession. Once it is checked back in, users have their normal permissions and a version can be saved to ensure your copy is always available for review.

BATES STAMP - Bates stamp one or many documents in one step. If you add additional documents, no problem. At any time documents can be reverted and re-stamped.

MAINTAIN LIVING DOCUMENTS - Add searchable notes and annotations, redact private information and stamp documents to help with document specific communication.

VERSIONING - Over time, documents can change and keeping track of all those copies can become un-manageable. Versioning in Intact SMART keeps all copies electronically. Your document history is safe, accurate and secure.

Intact SMART enables you to electronically store years of documents on-line. No need to spend hours or days locating files in outdated, unsecured cabinets. You will get valuable floor-space back and save money on filing systems and off-site storage. Intact SMART provides you with the security and the peace of mind to keep you focused on your business.

STORE SAFELY - Role-based permissions tailor the users experience to ensure the right access to folders and appropriate functionality on the documents. Intact SMART can permit or deny printing, e-mailing, annotating, viewing, modifying and distributing documents for every location.

FULL AUDITING - Compliance is more important than ever across every industry. Intact SMART will show any action performed by any user from the time the document is introduced. You can even export the audit trail to an Excel compatible format.

VIRTUAL FILES - Documents are stored and linked in a powerful and safe database to ensure documents can’t get deleted by simply browsing to them with Windows Explorer. A single document can be stored in many locations with different security and permissions without taking any additional hard-drive space.

CREATE A TRANSPORTABLE BRIEFCASE - The iPack tool allows you to create a copy of the files of your choice and add them to a “briefcase” that you can take with you or distribute. Burn a CD/DVD, export to a flash drive or save it as a zip file. Add your logo to give a customized HTML document list window for distribution.

Intact SMART makes lost files and hours of searching a thing of the past. Find information quickly and accurately. The search tool within Intact SMART uses common English and search criteria so that finding documents gives you exactly what you want and skips what you don't.

QUICK INDEX SEARCHING - Choose searching from all words in a document, just the index values, or any combination.

FUZZINESS - Bump up the fuzziness of your search criteria to allow for misspellings or possible variations on words that could have been abbreviated.

RANGE - Choose to find documents or folders between a specific time period or numeric values minimizing the number of results for you to choose from.

FOLDER SPECIFIC - Choose an Intact SMART folder from the Organizer to locate the document or documents that you are looking for.

CONTENT - Retrieve a document based upon the information entered by a user in the electronic notes tab as well as information pulled off of a document after the OCR process (Optical Character Recognition) has been performed.

Intact SMART has powerful features that turn hours of routing, re-filing, approving and distributing into quick, easy to configure rules and tasks. It requires little training and saves an abundance of time.

RULES AND ROUTING - Intact SMART's document definition system takes the guess work out of naming, filing, retaining or routing documents. Your users become instant pros at filing just by picking the right document type.

RETENTION POLICY - Purge resumes in 1 year, invoices in 7, keep time sheets forever; you can determine any expiration policy automatically for all document types.

DOCUMENT APPROVAL AND WORKFLOW - When documents are added to Intact SMART, they can be immediately filed where they belong or start a journey through your business for routing and approval. An approval adds a permanent signature to any document, archives the signed version, and can either re-route for further approval or file the document.

BATCH ACTION - Anywhere through the Organizer or search results , you can run a batch action to quickly e-mail, print, Bates stamp, re-file or fax many documents at once once. You no longer need to click, browse, click, repeat, click, browse, click, repeat. Intact SMART cuts time intensive, redundant steps out of your daily routine.






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