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Do you know when your lease expires on the following equipment?

       1.  Copier Equipment

       2.  Facimile Equipment

       3.  Printer Equipment

If you are unsure when these leases are coming due you should  find out immediately and make note of it! Why? Because it could very well end up costing your business another year with your current lease and leased equipment - This is what is referred to as an Automatic Renewal!

You may have been looking forward to upgrading your lease on some of the equipment listed above and you can. But, without following proper procedures: i.e. notification, telling the lease company what your end-of-lease intensions are, the leasing company has the right under contract agreement to automatically renew your lease from month-to-month or year-to-year. It's in the writing of all leases and you should make effort to find this out.

Most Leasing Companies require you to contact them in writing at least Three (3) Months prior to end of lease, but not more than 120-days, telling them that you plan to cancel or upgrade your current leased equipment. But there are some lease companies that require you to inform them as many as Six (6) months prior to end-of-lease. This might not be a good thing to find out during those last few months of your lease when you were looking forward to leasing new equipment, espically if you had it in mind to change equipment manufacturer and vendor, as well.

Make sure to read the fine print!


Quick thought on Supplies -

As we move forward looking at the competition, whether talking copiers or postage meter equipment, don't make the mistake many businesses do. Keep in mind not only what the product is costing you, but the all important supplies. There may be an attractive initial equipment base cost but a real hidden cost could be the supplies, their actual cost and yields.


Call us for more sound business advice. . . . . . .




When Looking To UpGrade Your Present Copier

When you are about to embark on the journey to research the new multi-function copier equipment that is now in the marketplace there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The copier systems have more to offer your business today than ever before. They not only work as copiers, but if you connect these devices to your network you will then have a not only a copier, but a printer, as well. This can offer an elaborate savings over your current usage of office printers. This is not to say that you want to eliminate those printers, but more precisely, complement their usage. We do not want to disturb the office workflow; we want to enhance it - and neither do the office personnel that use a convenience printer.

These systems, once connected as printers, will offer your office environment new ways to produce the necessary printing that you need to accomplish. But there are other things to take into consideration beyond copying, printing and connectivity. The other consideration is what is really taking hold with many of our clients today. And that is scanning. Scanning to FTP Server or Desktop for the purposes of File Storage. This is the beginning of reducing paper and eliminating physical file storage and even making it easier to manage documents in the world of the virtual office. These are just a few of the things to take into consideration when you are on that journey with office automation and streamlining your office information centers.

One last quick thought. Before you make any moves in the direction that many businesses are going today, you want to make sure you take into strong consideration - the software that is going to move you along with this process. Strong software with flexibility and precision will do your office wonders. You don’t want to make moves that will cause your business to have compatibility issues.

Lastly, the reason our company offers Sharp Digital Copiers and not another copier manufacturer’s product is for two (2) specific reasons. One is due to the strong recognition that Sharp has with regards to the actual physical product integrity. It is strong and durable, very user friendly, and has grown into the digital marketplace becoming the Number One Manufacturer in today’s Copier Industry. The other is, the fact that Sharp has one of the most powerful software packages available today. Sharp is years ahead of the competition and should be given a long and strong consideration when considering any type of updating.

In fact, Buyer’s Lab has given selected Sharp Products the "Pick of the Year" awards. This is an extremely high honor in the copier industry. Also, Better Buys For Business has done very much the same thing. We stand heads over our competition and are very proud of the products we offer businesses like your own.

For more information, and before you make a serious move, call us and we will set a time to meet with you and your IT Technical Personnel to further discuss just what we can offer your business.


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