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Toner and Developers

Using Compatible Toner & Developer Products

It has come to our attention that more and more compatible toners and developer consumable products are being used in Sharp Digital Copiers. We are not here to tell any user of these products that they cannot use them. We would, however, like to express to those users, that by using compatible products, you run a higher risk of serious mechanical problems when they are used in copier equipment. You should seriously consider a few things before either starting or continuing compatible Toner usage.

If you are using compatible Toners and Developers they may seem to work fine in your machine. However, you should know that the consumable products produced by Sharp, are carefully enginered for a specific machine. Today, Sharp’s Toner and Developer consumables are of a smaller and finer microns so the equipment can provide the finer and sharper images that our customers have come to rely on. This speaks directly to image quality. If you are using a compatible this will not necessarily be the case. And if the compatible is not of the finer micron need for that machine then your machine is using more of the consumable Toner and Developer and you will receive a much lower product yield.

The answer may come back, “We are under a Service Contract with the vendor we are using, so it makes no difference what our yield is because it is covered in the contract.” Good point. But what if you were experiencing the need to put more Toner in your machine than would normally be required? Still doesn’t make a difference? Then consider that the machine is not only getting lower consumable yields but will eventually need more and more service.

Usually machines that are using compatibles will experience more service calls. They run dirtier and require more cleanings because the partials are larger than the machine is made to work with. When talking of the machine running dirtier there is more of the consumable floating around in the machine. These partials then float around in the copier and usually find their way to the sensors, coating them with dust partials, stopping that particular sensor from performing its function in the machine.  When a sensor is coated with dust particals it can’t see. The machine will stall showing a mis-feed when there are actually no mis-feeds. When this happens the issue can only be remedied by a service call.

The Toner and Developer in your machine also works as a lubricant to the equipment’s internal function. It is like the oil in your vehicle. If you are putting the correct weight of oil in your vehicle you gain the correct or better gas mileage. This is because the vehicle is working within specification and is not over stressed. If you do not put in the correct oil, maybe you are using a oil because it is cheaper. If this is the case then your gas mileage will be affected – if nothing else, the engine suffers. So if you purchased a cheaper product you actually saved nothing and caused a strain on the car’s mechanical functions.

This is the same with your copier. Usually the only ones who actually think they are saving is the providing vendor themselves. If they either, sell you or directly provided to you in your service contract, a compatible product they are saving approximately $40.00 per Toner Cartridge or Developer bag. If the machine is running where it needs more service because of the compatible usage, then the vendor is making more calls on your machine. You have more downtime and they are performing more service. How is it that you, or the vendor for that matter, are saving any money by using these products?

For our money, it makes no sense to try and save a few dollars at one end, and end up spending it at the other.

Remember, Digital Imaging Solutions, only uses Sharp OEM Consumable Products in the equipment we sell or service.