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Re-Manufactured Sharp Digital Copier Systems


Did you ever go out to buy a used car where the car dealership gave you a 30-Day Warrantee? You had trepidations about buying a used car, worried that you may have bought someone else’s problems, but the dealer assured you that you had nothing to worry about. He took care of everything!


But to your dismay, your worst worries came true and you had nothing but headaches with that used car and you swore you’d never buy anything used again. What may have happened was that you bought a car that someone turned in because they knew it needed work (or, not) and didn’t want to go the expense of repairs. The dealer may or may not have known this but took care of the essentials on the car, like the brakes, tires, changing the oil, waxed it up good to make real nice and shiny, and then put the car out on the lot for sale. You saw the car, saw how shiny and pretty it looked, looked at the price and you bought the car. Just when the 30-Day Warrantee expired you began to have problems, and it was then you realized you bought someone else’s problems. This hasn't always been my own personal experence, but it has happened to me, too.




Digital Imaging Solutions doesn't work this way with used equipment. We have a very thorough Re-Manufacturing Program when it comes to copier and printer systems coming off lease.



On occation, we purchase low meter copiers from distribution sources. But more often, we pull from our immediated resources, which is our own clients who have leased equipment from us. When their lease expires, we upgrade them into brand new equipment. What do we do with that equipment coming in off of lease? Good question!


Having leased that equipment coming in off lease we are fortunate to have an immediate history on that equipment. We are able then to pick and choose which systems we feel are worthy of releasing to new clients needing equipment. Some clients either cannot afford new equipment or are just not interested in leasing new equipment because of new lease pricing. Or, a client may want more equipment then they can actually afford or willing to pay as would be for new.


These systems coming in off of lease are already in very good condition because we have maintained them over the term of the lease. However, when we decide to re-lease a system it may be in good working order, but needs to be gone completely through for purposes of system integrity. This is where our story of a re-manufactured copier begins.


Before any system is re-leased we rigorously and meticulously go through the entire machine. The equipment is striped down to the bare metal frame and rebuilt from the ground up. The interior of the machine is completely cleaned - We Air Clean the entire system, wash and clean all components where appropriate to do so, this includes the system's Covers. What we are looking to accomplish here is to bring the machine back to factory showroom condition, both in looks and functionality.


The systems components, such as feed roller and belts in the paper feed section and Document Feeder are either cleaned or replaced. They all have to be in excellent working order or they are replaced without question.


All consumable components are replaced with brand new supply, i.e. Toner and Developer. These components are re-timed to the systems specifications.


After all this work has been accomplished the system is tested and re-tested for performance integrity. We want to make sure that all systems are in excellent working order and functioning as they are supposed to. When the system passes our final testing it is at this time that the system is ready to be placed with your business operations.



We also provide you with the following guarantee –



Performance Guarantee –


Only Sharp Re-Manufactured Digital Copiers provided by, Digital Imaging Solutions, are Guaranteed for not less than One (1) Year if purchased and if leased, Guaranteed for not less than Three (3) Years. Our Guarantee provides that, if under normal copy, and or, printing usage, and with specified surge protection for copier system and network connection (if applicable), that this system fails to perform as was delivered and excepted we, Digital Imaging Solutions, will replace that system with a like make and model at no charge to your business. This Guarantee will commence upon delivery and acceptance of your new system, and will continue to be in effective, as long as, continuous service and supply are provided by and purchased directly from, Digital Imaging Solutions.




The above guarantee is usually reserved for new equipment only. We have that much confidence and faith in the workmanship of our product re-manufacturing process that this is our guarantee to you. Once this system has gone through the re-manufacturing process, it’s virtually just like new! You will never second-guess the quality of machinery or workmanship, or the company you have decided to do business with either. Never!


This is our promise to you!


Gary R. Blase



(References Available Upon Request)


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